My Five #186

This week’s emojinal My Five says goodbye to Harambe the gorilla, and has a giggle at Waitrose. There’s talk about money laundry-ing and then Chewbacca goes to school.

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What are Featured Snippets?

What are featured snippets and how can brands ensure they will benefit from them? A roundup of Rob Bucci’s BrightonSEO talk reveals all

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My Five #181

Cute dogs, stereotypes, more cute dogs, a flying pink unicorn, and a juddering climax to roundup this week’s My Five.

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A chat about bots

The rise and return of the bot. Get ready to see branded chatbots, the interactive software that helps users get things done.

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My Five #176

Twitching, Tweeting and April Fools all feature in this week’s My Five. Plus: Find out which meme FunnyStatus has dubbed master of memes.

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Instagram’s new algorithmic timeline

The change to the Instagram timeline has sparked debate, but what will moving away from a chronological feed mean for users?

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Voice search and SEO - siri - browser media

Finding your voice in SEO

What is Voice Search, who is using it, and how is it set to impact SEO? Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) is changing search.

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My Five #167

Lessons learnt in this week’s My Five: Friendship is magic and so is licensing; Trolls prefer GIFs over cola; dating is bullsh*t but also hilarious.

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How a well written meta description can improve CTR

Improving a website’s organic rankings is only half the battle, you still need to entice people to click through to your site and a good way to do that is with a well written meta description…

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My Five #163

It’s been a busy news week in the world of social media. Here’s Lisa’s summary of what’s been happening, including the age debate, Twitter moments and #BritishAstronautProblems.

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My Five #155

A Monumental My Five from Lisa this week – Twitter Polls, Google gets fooled, Back to the Future Day and some new monumental apps.

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