Are Google’s days numbered?

Is criticism of Google a flash in the pan or a sign that people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the search giant?

Joe Friedlein

Top Search Ads – What does that mean today?

Due to ad placements becoming more dynamic, top ads might not appear at the ‘top’ of SERPs so Google has changed the definition. Read on to find out what it all means.

Ashleigh Davison

Make headline news

A compelling headline is key to creating interest in a story and enticing readers to click and engage. But how do you make your news stand out from the crowd?

QR codes for marketing

Ever wondered how to use QR codes for marketing? Read on to find out when and how to deploy QR codes successfully for marketing campaigns.

Ali Cort

Cunning stunts

How well-planned and executed PR stunts can boost coverage and awareness

Understanding the modern buying journey

Salsify’s latest research looks into the consumer buying journey, highlighting trends for brands to leverage in their 2024 e-commerce strategies.

Rosey Bowring