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We exist to help you attract high quality traffic to your website. We do this by earning the attention of your target audience through the creation of engaging / shareable content.

Whilst we were born as an SEO agency, we do so much more than tinker with meta tags. We use data to develop insight-informed digital marketing strategies that use a blend of organic search, biddable media, content marketing and online PR. If that sounds confusing, we hope that our 1 minute pitch will help:

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We work with clients of all sizes across the globe. If you feel frustrated by your digital marketing and would like to partner with a dedicated, transparent and successful agency, we should speak.

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ga4 events 2

Why you might see duplicate events in GA4

Were you as puzzled as I was when GA4 started showing duplicate events with a number 2 appended to them? Here’s how to fix it.

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