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Connecting online and offline store visits

This holiday season, mobile will influence more purchases than ever. Google’s store traffic data shows how to adjust ad spend based on in-store conversions.

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Google Analytics: Advanced Segments

Getting your head around Google Analytics? Here’s a beginners guide to Advanced Segments – successfully drill down into your user data.

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Google Analytics – The Basics

New to Google Analytics? Here’s a top-level overview of the standard reporting. Don’t let the jargon prevent you from understanding user behaviour!

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My Five #154

A Google-y My Five this week. From killing link networks to bringing Street View to life, it’s been a busy week for the search engine giant

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Writing persuasive product descriptions

Are you committing these product description sins? Find out how to write persuasive, seductive, irresistible product descriptions that sell.

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CRO offer

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) offer

Do you need your website to work harder for you? If so, you need to consider conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Our 50% off offer should help make that consideration much easier.

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User Experience & Human Centred Copywriting

Your website copy can make or break the user experience. Learn more about human centred copywriting and how to write for users.

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My Five #147

Join us on this last Friday of the month while we enjoy spam wars, burger wars and Star Wars – It must be #MyFive

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Case Studies and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Some conversion rate optimisation testing ideas for your website’s case studies or testimonials. Good examples and tests you can run today.

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