GA4 RegEx issues

If you have started migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) from Universal Analytics, you might have hit some bumps in the road when it comes to using Regular Expressions (RegEx).

Victoria Spall
google bard ai

Google Bard – what does it mean for SEO?

I tried out the beta version of Google Bard to find out if SEO is likely to be made obsolete, as some in the industry have been predicting.

Victoria Spall
Transitioning KPIs to GA4

Transitioning KPIs from Google Analytics UA to GA4

We’re mere months away from fully transitioning from the Google Analytics we know and love to GA4. So how can you ensure that disruption to reporting is kept to a minimum?

Victoria Spall
google optimize sunset

Google Optimize is shutting down

Google has announced that it will sunset its free and paid versions of Google Optimize on 30 September 2023.

Victoria Spall

Can brands still trust Twitter?

For better or worse, Twitter has changed a lot since Musk became CEO. As a result, brands need to decide whether to pull back from Twitter, or carry on as usual.

Victoria Spall

How can marketers use ChatGPT?

No, ChatGPT isn’t going to put you out of a job. Here are some practical, interesting, and fun ways to use it instead.

Victoria Spall