Playing the Waiting Game

No one likes queuing, but when it comes to technology the speed at which websites and apps operate can make users sceptical or even confused.

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Brexit via Conor Pope - my five 189 - browser media

My Five #189

5 things – including #brexit – that caught the eye of Alex this week. Football, tennis, science and more.

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Ideal length of social media posts - feature image

Being Social? Length Matters

According to Buffer, the internet is a zoo. Let’s see how the much the ideal content length has changed in the last couple of years.

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Guest Blogging: Curating Content

Executed with caution and common sense, guest blogging is still an effective method to build awareness and attract new traffic to your site.

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Google Removing PageRank from its Toolbar - Browser Media

Google Removing PageRank from its Toolbar

Does Google removing PageRank from its toolbar really make a difference in terms of SEO and inbound marketing? Could it spell the end of link spam?

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My Five - World Book Day - Browser Media

My Five #172

A Google crash, Google’s Say and Pay and this year’s World Book Day all feature in this week’s My Five. Plus, what has Kanye been up to on Twitter now?

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Google Launches Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobile search experience often isn’t great. Google launching Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) means rich content now loads instantly across multiple devices.

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Google Fluctuations

Are these fluctuations the beginning of a Penguin update from Google? Alex explores the social media chatter around the latest could-be algorithm update.

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Google Prioritises HTTPS via

Google Announces HTTPS Prioritisation

Find out why you don’t need to worry, but why you should start planning for when Google prioritises HTTPS after its announcement last week.

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Google Ads in Search - Feature image - Browser Media

Google Trialling Four AdWords Ads

Google is testing four AdWords Ads in search again, pushing organic results down the page. The scramble for the top organic spot continues.

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My Five 158 - Feature Image - browser media

My Five #158

Flying in formation, organised brawling and the back of Betamax – and I bet you’ve never had so much trouble at the checkout.

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