What do we have to do to get you to speak to us?!

Google Analytics Top Conversion Paths report – what does it tell us and why doesn’t anybody want to speak to us?! We don’t bite…

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I have just been doing a little bit of Google Analytics analysis (that rolls of the tongue…) on the www.browsermedia.co.uk domain and wanted to share something that made me laugh.

I was good and was honoured my new year’s resolution of only using the new Google Analytics interface – if I had a pound for each time I have heard someone moaning about the new interface, the mountain chalet would be a step closer but I would have contributed a few pounds along the way…

Love it or loath it, I do believe that it is an improvement and the issue is one of familiarity more than actual usability. Yes, I do get frustrated when I can’t find reports that have been my bread and butter for years, but there is a lot that is good in the new platform and we should all embrace it rather than fight it.

One of the features that I really like is the ‘top conversion paths’ report, which you can find in the ‘multi-channel funnels’ section of the ‘Conversions’ tab. Whilst it can be guilty of introducing more questions than providing answers, it is very interesting to see how users have interacted with your site before completing the goal that you have set up.

We have a variety of goals set up on the site, one of which is naturally to track the successful completion of our contact form (https://browsermedia.agency/contact-us/ – go on, have a look and say hello!). Most of our enquiries tend to have a fairly predictable conversion path, but one particular path caught my attention and suggests that we need to get a lot better at converting traffic to enquiries:

Whilst I am pleased that the temptation to fill in the form finally became irresistible, this must surely win an award as one of the most protracted engagement journeys.

There are a few conclusions that I came to when thinking about this:

  • We are all over the web like a rash and people can’t help finding us
  • Our content is very sticky and people love to come back to it time and time again
  • The contact form is impossible to find
  • This particular user is mad


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