Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers according to Buzzsumo – 2020 Edition

We’ve gone back to Buzzsumo to find the top 100 digital marketing influencers you should be following in 2020. How has the list changed in 12 months?

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It’s been over a year since we took a look at the top 100 digital marketing influencers, according to data from Buzzsumo, so now seems like a good time to get our research hats back on, and return to Buzzsumo to highlight the top 100 digital marketing influencers in 2020.

Influencer marketing continues to be an extremely popular marketing tool for brands in various industries. According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2020 State of Influencer Marketing report, 91% of respondents believe influencer marketing is an effective form of marketing, and 63% were planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2020. 

As a result of this rise in popularity, brands are spending more time and resources on finding the perfect influencers for their campaign. Thankfully, Buzzsumo (a tool I use a lot!) has handy influencer reports that make the task much easier. These reports have evolved since last year’s report, hopefully making the findings more valid. For a full overview of everything Buzzsumo, give my blog post on why it’s the perfect tool for content marketers a read.

A quick overview of Buzzsumo’s influencer reports

BuzzSumo’s influencer tool highlights key influencers from within a certain industry by searching for either a topic, domains, or for specific users. These individuals, or companies, are then ranked depending upon their ‘influence’ on the specific search variable. Influence can be a difficult thing to define, however, Buzzsumo states that someone is influential when they impact the reach of a post or article. The reports have changed in the last 12 months, and you can now refine the search by whether the account includes your search term, shares articles about that search term, or if they share articles from a specific source.

The influencer report then ranks users based on various factors including the content they create and share, the average number of retweets they receive, and the relevancy of their content – in other words, how much they are likely to affect, or influence, a piece of content’s reach.

For this list, I have once again chosen to remove any companies in order to highlight the specific influencers. This has meant missing out on some large brands such as Moz and SEMrush, however the main aim of this task is to highlight the top influencers specifically, and not the top brands. This is the only way that this data has been manipulated, other than that the list is exactly how it has been pulled off Buzzsumo and neither myself nor Browser Media has had any impact on individual ‘rankings’. 

Key stats about the top 100 digital marketing influencers for 2020

  • The number of followers for each account varies dramatically from under 2,000 to nearly 1 million, however, the average number of followers is 94,000. This highlights the fact that having more followers doesn’t necessarily mean greater influence.
  • On average 20% of all tweets from the top 100 were retweets. This goes to explain why these individuals have been highlighted as the ‘most influential’ as they are likely to engage with posts.
  • 38% of all posts from the top 100 are replies, which indicates the fact that they are likely to join in with conversations and engage with other users.
  • The average number of retweets users in the top 100 get is 16, therefore, they are being followed by a highly engaged group. This highlights the fact that their audience is likely to engage with their content and share it further with their own followers.

BuzzSumo’s Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers for 2020

  1. Sorav Jain – @soravjain
  2. Rand Fishkin – @randfish
  3. Neil Patel – @neilpatel
  4. Dan Knowlton – @dknowlton1
  5. Eric Enge – @stonetemple
  6. Barry Schwartz – @rustybrick
  7. Rahul Wadhawan – @rahul_wadhawan
  8. J.J. De la Torre – @delatorrejj
  9. Douglas Karr – @douglaskarr
  10. Amit Panchal – @amithpanchal
  11. Brian Dean – @backlinko
  12. AJ Ghergich – @seo
  13. Atef – @atef
  14. Jay Feitlinger – @jayfeitlinger
  15. Avinash Kaushik – @avinash
  16. Derek Edmond – @derekedmond
  17. Tod Maffin – @todmaffin
  18. Nathan Allen Pirtle – @workwthecoach
  19. Fadhila Brahimi – @fbrahimi
  20. Ammar Mohammed – @ammr
  21. John Lincoln – @johnelincoln
  22. Martin MacDonald – @searchmartin
  23. Shashi Bellamkonda – @shashib
  24. Bill Sebald – @billsebald
  25. Gareth O’Sullivan – @_garethg
  26. Alex Jiménez – @ralexjimenez
  27. Genís Roca – @genisroca
  28. Ian Schafer – @ischafer
  29. Oli Gardner@oligardner
  30. Marc Cortes@marccortes
  31. AJ Kohn@ajkohn
  32. Andrew Grill@andrewgrill
  33. Jon Henshaw@henshaw
  34. Stoney deGeyter@stoneyd
  35. Mordecai Holtz @mordecaiholtz
  36. Paddy Moogan@paddymoogan
  37. Ned James@ned_james2
  38. Jonathan Lacoste@lacostejonathan
  39. Geoff D.@geoffdx
  40. Herve Kabla@hervekabla
  41. Andrew Hickey – @andrewmhickey
  42. Saul Colt – @saulcolt
  43. Russ Mann@mktgmann
  44. Scott Gulbransen@lvgully
  45. Stacey MacNaught@staceycav
  46. Glen Allsopp@viperchill
  47. Ryan Deiss@ryandeiss
  48. Larry Kim@larrykim
  49. David Edelman@davidedelman
  50. Justyn Howard@justyn
  51. Adam Audette@audette
  52. Casie Gillette@casieg
  53. Fili Wiese@filiwiese
  54. Dhariana Lozano – @dharilo
  55. Pete Blackshaw@pblackshaw
  56. Muhammad Hisham Abu Al-Qambiz- @abualkomboz
  57. Shama Hyder@shama
  58. Ed Leake@edleake
  59. Franz Russo@franzrusso
  60. Nathalie Nahai@nathalienahai
  61. Darren Rowse@problogger
  62. Khai@thamkhaimeng
  63. David Iwanow – @davidiwanow
  64. Warren Whitlock@warrenwhitlock
  65. Gianluca Fiorelli – @gfiorelli1
  66. Alex Domínguez@alex_d_b
  67. Julie Joyce@juliejoyce
  68. Leonard Kim – @mrleonardkim
  69. Matthew Kobach@mkobach
  70. Erik Huberman@erikhuberman
  71. Brent Csutoras@brentcsutoras
  72. Danny Sullivan@dannysullivan
  73. Jeremy Goldman@jeremarketer
  74. Matthew Knell@matthewknell
  75. Mark Traphagen – @marktraphagen
  76. Dennis Yu@dennisyu
  77. Henneke Duistermaat@henneked
  78. Tom Goodwin@tomfgoodwin
  79. Kassy Pajarillo – @kassypajarillo
  80. Jeff Gibbard – @jgibbard
  81. Jim Sterne@jimsterne
  82. Mike Allton@mike_allton
  83. Rebekah Radice@rebekahradice
  84. Neal Schaffer@nealschaffer
  85. Stephen Waddington@wadds
  86. Adel de Meyer – @adeldmeyer
  87. Ted Rubin@tedrubin
  88. Mark Schaefer@markwschaefer
  89. Minter Dial@mdial
  90. Alex Moss@alexmoss
  91. Winston Binch@winstonbinch
  92. Gbenjo@gbenjo_abimbola
  93. James Malone@jmalonepr
  94. Brian Solis@briansolis
  95. Rebecca Lieb@lieblink
  96. Talia Wolf@taliagw
  97. Noah Kagan@noahkagan
  98. Bernie Borges@bernieborges
  99. Dana DiTomaso – @danaditomaso
  100. Ryan Robinson – @theryanrobinson

Congratulations to everyone who made the top 100!!

** Disclaimer – Browser Media has had no influence or impact on this list, it is solely based on Buzzsumo’s influencer reports. To ensure the data remains fair and impartial there has been no alteration from any other sources. **

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