All is vanity

Social media is a crucial part of a brand’s PR and marketing strategy – but why are so many still treating it as a vanity exercise? 

An overview of LinkedIn newsletters

LinkedIn newsletters are great for connecting and engaging with your audience. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates to the LinkedIn newsletter feature.

Rosey Bowring

Using social media as a search engine

New research reveals how different generations use social media as a search engine. How should brands adapt their digital strategies to align with this trend?

Rosey Bowring

The write stuff

How improving your writing skills can enhance marketing communication. 

The shape of social media: 2024

Streamline your 2024 social media strategy with insights and predictions from some of the industry’s greatest.

Rosey Bowring

The business of Instagram (2023)

Instagram is a valuable tool that any business should be utilising. Here are some key statistics about the platform to help you get started with your strategy.

Rosey Bowring

7 AI tools for marketers

From copywriting to social media and branding, here are some handy AI tools that can assist various aspects of your marketing task load.

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