Google’s March 2023 core algorithm update

Google has announced the rollout of its latest core algorithm update. More information will be released after implementation, but here’s what you can do now.

Rosey Bowring

Search ads on TikTok set to rival Google

TikTok could soon be launching a new search ad platform to rival Google and Microsoft. Find out which advertisers should be keen to test them and why.

Ashleigh Davison
Transitioning KPIs to GA4

Transitioning KPIs from Google Analytics UA to GA4

We’re mere months away from fully transitioning from the Google Analytics we know and love to GA4. So how can you ensure that disruption to reporting is kept to a minimum?

Victoria Spall

7 things ChatGPT can’t do

Whilst it can write a reasonably decent poem about badgers, ChatGPT can’t use up to date information or write with your company’s tone of voice in mind, amongst other things.

Kerry Sheahan
I love GA4

GA4 isn’t *all* bad

Why GA4 may actually be the saviour to a problem that you face if you take cookie consent seriously.

Joe Friedlein

How to curate a media list for PR

Having a strong news hook or an article of value isn’t enough on its own – you need a media list in order to increase your chances of coverage.

Rosey Bowring