My Five #446

It’s a social and search engine heavy My Five this week, with changes to Instagram targeting, a new link spam algorithm update and clarification around redirects.

Kerry Sheahan

My Five #445

In today’s My Five, Clubhouse opens its doors, Twitter tests a new feature, and the Global Emoji Trend Report reveals which emoji to avoid if you’re after some sexy time.

Victoria Spall

Getting better engagement from your outreach efforts

Earning coverage and links from authoritative, relevant websites, is obviously a huge part of SEO, but what’s not always clear, is the time, effort and strategy that goes into it. […]

Kerry Sheahan
Dog Bath

My Five #444

A Twitter and sport-heavy My Five this week. But most importantly, there is a (very happy) dog getting a bath from chimpanzee friends.

Joe Friedlein

My Five #443

Instagram is much more than just photo sharing, the BBC undergoes a major rebrand, questions about the importance of internal links, and could Facebook be about to launch its own town?

Ali Cort
Scroll Depth Analysis

Measuring traffic quality : scroll depth analysis

Scroll depth analysis is not as common as other user engagement metrics, but can be a helpful aid in measuring the quality of content on your website. How do you do it?

Joe Friedlein

My Five #442

Google treats us to a frenzy of algo updates, we wave goodbye to broad match modifier, and we might need our eyes checked, but it looks like football’s coming home.

Kerry Sheahan

Google delays plans to phase out third-party cookies

AdTech platforms and publishers have welcomed the news, as they now have additional time to get to grips with the new technologies being developed to fill the void.

Victoria Spall

My Five #441

A range of new features for Facebook and Instagram, Google reassess its cookie policy and the British public shows its inner child, all in this week’s My Five.

Will Greenwood

10 reasons why SEO is like the Euros

SEO’s coming home! The country’s gone football mad and so have we, with that in mind here are 10 similarities between SEO and the Euros.

Ali Cort