GA4 data and reporting issues

GA4 data and reporting issues

As agencies and in-house marketers prepare to compile monthly reports, GA4 presents them with a number of data and reporting issues. Find out what they are, and what you can do to fix (some) of them.

Victoria Spall

This Barbie is… absolutely everywhere!

With a $100 million budget, the Barbie marketing campaign was always going to be a big one. Here are some of my highlights from the Barbie movie marketing.

Rosey Bowring
Graduate Jobs Marketing

Looking for a graduate marketing role?

Are you searching for a digital marketing job in Essex? Get your marketing career off to a flying start by joining our friendly team.

Joe Friedlein

New broad and brand search settings in Google Ads

Find out all about the new brand and broad settings that will soon be available to all. Also, about what Google is calling its “power-pairing”, when to use it and when not to.

Ashleigh Davison
twitter rebrand x

Twitter rebrands as X, but why?

In yet another genius move, Elon Musk has decided to rebrand Twitter to ‘X’, apparently on a whim. What could possibly go wrong?

Victoria Spall