New Google Shopping product insights

Google’s finally made it easier to find more information about products in Shopping campaigns, from within AdWords itself. Read on to find out more…

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Google announced last week that there are now more insights available within the AdWords interface regarding Shopping campaign products, which would have previously only be shown in Merchant Centre.

New columns available within AdWords

There is now a ‘Product status’ column showing if a product has been disapproved from the feed or if it is ‘Ready to serve’. This will allow advertisers to quickly see if the reason why a well performing product has stopped attracting clicks is because it has actually been disapproved from the feed, excluded or is now out of stock.

This is great news for advertisers as they will no longer have to venture into Google Merchant Centre to investigate if a product has been excluded or to see what is wrong with a feed, it will all be there within AdWords itself.

To see the extra information advertisers will have to log into their AdWords Shopping campaign, click the ‘Products’ tab and ensure that they add the correct column, ‘Product status’, and the information will be readily available next to the product title, item ID, price and any other information that you have chosen to display in the columns:

shopping insights

There is also an effective max CPC column being added. This shows the bid you set on products within your product groups and you can click on it to go directly to the product group that includes that product.

New Inventory Status

This allows advertisers to see which products need to be updated in the product data and Shopping campaigns, to ensure the full potential of the campaign is achieved. The new columns include:

  • Products submitted
  • Products approved
  • Products active (approved products with a max bid set)
  • Products ready to serve (active products that are in stock and ready to receive impressions)
  • % approved (the percentage of the total submitted products that have been approved)
  • % active (percentage of approved products with a max bid set)
  • % ready to serve (percentage of total submitted products that are active, in stock and ready to receive impressions)

Better reporting

Shopping attributes such as brand, product type etc. can now be analysed within the AdWords Report Editor using the customisable tables and charts to discover any trends and optimise campaigns for your goals.

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