My Five #345

In this week’s corker of a My Five, Trump’s in Asia, women are moving mountains in the sports world, and Alexa graduates from medical school.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Will.

1. Time to take down YouTube

VidCon 2019 took place this week, “the world’s largest events for fans, creators, executives, and brands who are passionate about online video and building diverse communities” – their words not ours. The aim of the event is designed to provide influencers and creators with a space to come together.

YouTube has been the key platform for brands and influencers who are utilising video content as a part of their social media activity and has always dominated the headlines at VidCon, however, this year things look like changing. Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and Pinterest have all made big announcements at the event in an attempt to challenge YouTube’s top spot. Read more about everything from VidCon 2019 here. 

2. Dr Alexa will see you now

Smart speakers have become commonplace in households around the world with sales projected to continue rising as the speakers are expected to become more popular than tablets in the next few years. As a result of this, the population is becoming more reliant on the likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home meaning they demand these devices to do more. 

This week Amazon announced that their voice assisted device will search the official NHS website when UK users ask a health-related question. The devices have always been able to provide health from a variety of different sources but the partnership allows this information to be pulled directly from the NHS. 

Throughout the partnership, Amazon’s algorithm will pull information from the NHS website to help answer various questions such as “How do I treat a migraine?” with the intention to reduce the strain on the NHS. While the idea has great potential and could be highly beneficial to all parties, the partnership has raised a few security issues from various privacy campaigners, however, Amazon says that all information will be kept confidential. 

3. Trump on tour

At Browser Media we are big fans of the guys at Bad Lip Reading. This week it was the turn of everyone’s favourite boy band world leaders Donald Trump, Vladamir Putin, and Kim Jong-un as they let us know what really went down at the G20 Summit.

"TRUMP IN ASIA" — A Bad Lip Reading

4. A record-breaking summer

This year’s Women’s World Cup was a great success with numerous broadcasting records being broken around the world and the overall conversation around women’s sport growing. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and thought it was a great success for the women’s game. However, it wasn’t only sport that saw the competition as a success, many brands, broadcasters, and sponsors were able to benefit from the increased interest in the event. 

For the first time ever huge household brands such as Coca-Cola and Barclays drew up deals with various national teams and broadcasters. This alone displays how the popularity of the event, and women’s sport in general, has grown with many brands and teams looking to maintain this momentum beyond the 2019 World Cup.

My personal favourite ad is from Lucozade who did a fantastic job reworking the classic England football song Three Lions. 

Lucozade Sport "Three Lionesses" by Grey London

Check out more great broadcasts at

5. Jurassic Park suffers budget cuts

What better way to end this week’s My Five than with 60 seconds of utter stupidity.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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