My Five #315

It’s December, it’s My Five, it’s time to get festive… and take a look at the digital marketing goings on from the last week or so.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Libby.

1. #JusticeForGlitter

When will people learn to check their hashtags? When? Surely we’ve had enough bum parties and dead chers to learn our lesson?

Apparently not.

Hashtags tend to work best when they’re easy to understand. And if Maria’s Lambs had been aware of rock star Gary Glitter’s convictions, they perhaps would’ve thought twice about their choice of wording while trying to push the 2001 soundtrack to the movie into the limelight.

In fairness, it totally worked (for Mariah, not Gaz) – sales of Glitter have rocketed and, most importantly, they’ve done their Pop Princess a real solid:

“Since the Lambily got Glitter to No. 1, they’ve lifted this huge burden of having to feel, like, “I can’t do stuff from Glitter” ’cause nobody knows it, or whatever.” – via Watch What Happens

What a relief.

2. People who don’t understand cybersecurity are in charge of cybersecurity

Ok. So it starts like this: Rudy Giuliani tweeted about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo for Michael Flynn.

… only there’s a typo that turns that word-fullstop-word into a link, right?

Then Jason Velazquez, a digital-marketing director in Atlanta, notices the accidental link doesn’t point anywhere, so he buys the Indian domain and sets up a pretty punchy homepage:


And when he gets to hear about it, Giuliani reveals just how little he understands cybersecurity… despite being the president’s cybersecurity advisor.

Honestly, I wish I was making this up.

3. Earn £££ by putting your children on the internet

According to Forbes’ Highest Paid YouTube Stars 2018 list, Ryan a seven year old boy with over 17 million YouTube followers earned US$22 million this year by playing with and reviewing toys.

In a list of gamers, pranksters, tricksters, and beauty experts, Ryan came out top, apparently making his money from the ads that play before his videos begin. He’s also got his own toys and clothing line that sells out of Walmart, and apparently Amazon and Hulu are interested in his videos. This kid’s got it made.

4. Social media does good as well as harm

There are loads of studies about how social media can make people feel bad and that Facebook induces FOMO, and Insta encourages envy, but this article invites us to take a look at how social media can offer support for people struggling with their mental health, and that a blanket ban on smartphones is a terrible, terrible idea.

5. Mrs Claus announces the 15th opening of Santa’s Village

Now as inevitable as that Fairytale of New York, or that coke advert, Google’s “interactive holiday hub” is once again live.

and Check out Google’s Santa Tracker this year. Educational games, videos, and activities that teach code, holiday traditions from around the world, and how to say Ho Ho Ho in lots of different languages:

Plus, the actual tracker kicks off on 24th, so you can monitor the movements of Father Christmas himself.

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