Introducing Film Posters 2.0

Introducing Movie Posters 2.0 – a fun competition to see who can come up with the funniest online marketing related parody of a film poster. Win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

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The festive season is upon us and we wanted to have some fun with our readers.

Have you seen the hilarious adaptations of famous films to create titles for a certain film genre (think ‘American Booty’, ‘Flesh Gordon’, etc)?  We think it is about time to see what the wonderful world of online marketing can come up with.

We are therefore launching the Film Posters 2.0 competition – your chance to have some fun, show off your creative genius and possibly win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

The rules are very simple – just adapt a famous film poster to embrace the web 2.0 world and send it in [now closed].

Suitable posters will be published on this blog and 10 will be short-listed based on popularity (measured by the number of social shares) and entered into a grand finale. Users will then vote for the ultimate winner. That winner will receive a Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

It is nothing more than a bit of festive fun, so roll up those creative sleeves and send us your best! [now closed]

As a bit of inspiration, here are 5 movie posters that we devised here at Browser Media towers…

Trainspotting becomes…


Rambo becomes…


Anchorman becomes…


The Book of Eli becomes…

SEO Book of Eli

The Silence of the Lambs becomes…

The Silence of the Rand

P.S. @randfish and @aaronwall : It is nothing personal!


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