If Carlsberg did digital networking events…

Browser Media founder Joe Friedlein returns from the 5th Digital Ski trip organised by Econsultancy with fond memories of another fantastic trip.

You are reading: If Carlsberg did digital networking events…

…then it would no doubt be fun, but Econsultancy’s annual ‘Digital Ski’ event would surely blow such an effort away with a volley of jägerbombs.

Enjoying its 5th birthday in its spiritual home of St.Anton, Digital Ski 2011 drew to a close yesterday evening as 35 digital marketers stumbled off the plane with fantastic (if hazy) memories of an amazing trip. Browser Media founder, Joe Friedlein, was one of the lucky ones.

The recipe is simple – cloudless skies, great snow, lots of food, a few quiet drinks and a superb bunch of individuals who share an unshakeable passion for online marketing. It is social networking at its best.

We have developed a mini tradition of making a video of the trip so here is a little memory for those who were on the trip or for anyone keen to see the terrible conditions we had to deal with:


Roll on Digital Ski 2012…

Actually, it is still early in the season. Dear Econsultancy, please can you arrange another trip this season?


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