How to set up LinkedIn objective-based ads

Following a lengthy beta-testing phase, all objectives are now available in LinkedIn Ads. So, which objective should you choose to get the best results?

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At the end of last year, LinkedIn announced that the ad campaigns set up process was due to change.

Introducing Objective Based Advertising from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Following a lengthy beta-testing phase, all objectives are now available in LinkedIn Ads.

Which campaign objective should I choose?

Website Visits – Pretty self-explanatory this one. Select this to drive traffic to your company website or marketing landing pages

Engagement – If you want to get increased social engagement or beef up the number of LinkedIn Page followers, this is the right option for you

Lead Generation – Want easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy lead gen? This allows you to capture leads using a submission form that’s already pre-filled with the member’s LinkedIn profile data

Video Views – Want some more eyeballs on your videos without spamming ‘MAKE SURE YOU WATCH TO END LOL’ in the accompanying post text? Then best you choose this if the goal is to increase social engagement on your video posts

Brand Awareness – Want LinkedIn members to learn more about your business? This will help you to gain as many impressions of an ad as possible (but make sure you are still showing it to the right people when it comes to setting up the targeting!)

Website Conversions – Got a whitepaper you want people to download or perhaps a webinar you’d like them to attend? Or maybe you want them to complete a book a demo form or buy something from your site? Well friend, if you want users to complete a specific action on your website, this is probably gonna be the right choice for you

Job Applicants – If your company is on the lookout for some new talent, this will help reach people who are actively job seeking, or put ads in front of people who match the criteria for the type of candidate you’re trying to recruit

If you’re still not 100% sure which option is best, you can hover over each objective to get a little bit more info.

I’ve picked an objective – what now?

Once you’ve decided on your objective, you’ll be presented with a prompt that summarises what the end goal is, and provides any additional information on what you need to do in order for the campaign to run properly.

The rest of the setup process has been streamlined, making it quick and simple to add targeting and budgets.

  • Choose from a Saved Audience (one that you’ve created for use previously), or see if you can use one of the LinkedIn Ads Audiences templates to get you started

Or, build a new audience. Keep an eye on the forecasted results box as you do so to get an idea of cost and reach.

  • Select the locations and languages of the members that you want to target

  • Select the attributes of your target demographic, adding more attributes to narrow down the audience size

  • Add exclusions where necessary – for example, if you are promoting a white paper, do you really want people who work for a competitor to see the ads?

  • Decide whether you want to target users outside of LinkedIn on their partner networks

  • Choose your ad format (note that different ad formats will be available based on the objective you select)

  • And finally, set up your budget and conversion tracking (if required for the objective you’ve selected)

And it’s as easy as that! Now go forth and create some sweet ads!

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