Facebook now allows users to tag brands in photos

Facebook has announced a new feature that allows users to tag brands and celebrities in their photos. Another gift for big brands?

You are reading: Facebook now allows users to tag brands in photos

Facebook has announced a new feature that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows.

As of now, users can tag their favourite brands or celebrity pages in their photos, much in the same way they can tag their friends.

Great news for big brands and spammers, not so much for the everyday user – unless you are of course a so called ‘brand advocate’ who loves nothing more than promoting your favourite brands for free. Like this smiley lady, Look how happy she is ‘interacting’ with her can of Coca-Cola;


Image credit – Facebook Pages

A recent note by Facebook said that the new feature, “enables people to share richer stories with friends about the things they interact with in the real-world, such as businesses, brands, celebrities, and musicians.”

Nice pitch, but we don’t buy it – how are ‘people’ really ever going to benefit from this? We all know it’s the brands who win here.

It’s getting a little obvious who Facebook is really trying to please and people might just be starting to catch on to this.

Facebook user statistics may be going through the roof worldwide, but on a more down-to-earth level we’ve noticed a significant decline in usage within our ‘social circles’. The fact is people just aren’t using the site as much as they once did. This might be an age thing, or maybe just coincidence, but we suspect it may have something to do with Facebook’s ever-growing loyalty to brands and advertisers.

Facebook is making it too easy for brands… like shooting fish in a barrel.

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