Eight tips for organising an awesome office Christmas party

This year we’re going to Braxted Park Cookery School for a Great Browser Banquet here’s our tips for organising an awesome Christmas party.

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Would you believe it’s officially one month until Christmas! Which means if you haven’t already organised your office party time is running out.

So, whether you’re an event planner at heart, someone who just loves Christmas or you’ve reluctantly nominated yourself to organise the office shindig again here’s our top tips for organising an awesome Christmas party…

1 – Remember, this isn’t something you have to do by yourself

If you’re in a smaller office, delegate tasks to each member of the team or for larger offices, one person from each team. Try and make the decisions fairly and openly so everyone gets their say, but remember: too many cooks can spoil the turkey.

2 – Set the date as early as possible

If you haven’t already set the date, chances are you’ve missed the boat for the more popular week nights as venues start to promote their deals mid to the end of October. Although if you particularly like a venue, book straight away for the next year to ensure a good date and possibly a discount.

3 – Ask the boss for a budget – and stick to it!

If you have to ask for a contribution from everyone, make sure it’s something everyone can afford. If your company is on a tight budget this year suggest a New Year’s party instead, as it can be much cheaper.

4 – Find out dietary requirements

Feeding the masses is relatively easy if your venue is catered, if not then hiring a caterer is the next best option. But remember – you can’t please everyone with the menu choice. The key is ensuring everyone has something to eat and make sure the drinks are flowing too. Some companies choose to go dry for their Christmas parties these days but if you are serving alcohol it might be a nice idea to offer a taxi voucher to make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the night.

5 – Ask the boss to make a thank you speech

Even if it is kept short and sweet, a few words before or during the meal can go a long way. The Christmas party is the perfect time to recognise employee achievements and landmark events throughout the year.

6 – Ask for volunteers!

The entertainment doesn’t have to be limited to the Christmas party itself. Ask someone in the office to create a festive playlist to blast out on the days leading up to Christmas or bake Christmas biscuits for the afternoon tea break. This year we’re taking part in the Save the Children – Christmas Jumper Day as well as learning a magic trick to perform to the team at the Christmas party.

7 – Deck the halls

The more decorations the better (within budget). This is a good task to delegate and it is might be worth asking team members if they have any old decorations, especially Christmas trees, they were planning to replace – spruce them up and they’ll be perfect for the office to help everyone get into the spirit of the occasion.

8 – Organise a secret santa

Why not open them at the party or prepare some goody bags for colleagues to take away at the end of the night. If you do decide to exchange gifts, set a budget, fun theme or agree to pool the money as a charity donation. This year our secret santa budget is £5 and it has to be something for your colleague’s desk!

Remember that this is your Christmas party too so make sure you have a good time. If you’re holding your event in your office and there’s money in the budget, you may want to hire in a cleaning service or rope in a couple of colleagues to pick up the empties at the end of the night.

This year we’ll be going to Braxted Park Cookery School for a Great Browser Banquet.

Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook page for photos of our Christmas feast, magic tricks and embarrassing dance moves!

Good luck with your Christmas party planning everyone!

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