Using social media as a search engine

New research reveals how different generations use social media as a search engine. How should brands adapt their digital strategies to align with this trend?

Rosey Bowring

Is it a dupe, or is it just a scam?

Dupes and knockoffs are rampant, but when does a seemingly good alternative product become a scam, and how can brands stand up against dupe scams?

Rosey Bowring

The shape of social media: 2024

Streamline your 2024 social media strategy with insights and predictions from some of the industry’s greatest.

Rosey Bowring

The business of Instagram (2023)

Instagram is a valuable tool that any business should be utilising. Here are some key statistics about the platform to help you get started with your strategy.

Rosey Bowring
twitter rebrand x

Twitter rebrands as X, but why?

In yet another genius move, Elon Musk has decided to rebrand Twitter to ‘X’, apparently on a whim. What could possibly go wrong?

Victoria Spall

Search ads on TikTok set to rival Google

TikTok could soon be launching a new search ad platform to rival Google and Microsoft. Find out which advertisers should be keen to test them and why.

Ashleigh Davison