When personalisation gets too personal

Agree with Tim Cook? Is Google ‘gobbling up everything they can learn about you’ to monetize it? Maybe these new privacy settings will help?

Libby Bearman
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My Five #130

From Facebook making an 11 year old boy’s birthday to Twitter taking on the General Election, this week’s My Five is decidedly social media-esque.

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Do I need to Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Received a Google Webmaster Tools email ‘Fix Mobile Usability Issues’? Find out if you really need a mobile site before 21st April 2015

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My Five #123

Google+ to become Streams and Photos, the release of Apple Watch and another Hashtag Hijack all feature in this week’s My Five.

Libby Bearman

Social Proof and the Business of Social Media

Practical Social Proof examples with a focus on how to leverage them for your website via testimonials, reviews & social media in business.

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My Five #115

Five things that happened in the last weekish that caught the eye of the Browser Media Team: Facebook, Cyberbullies, Chocolate Eggs and more

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