WordPress Review – A search engine friendly CMS

A short review of WordPress 2.0.1 from a search engine optimisation perspective.

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We have long been fans of the very impressive WordPress platform and have been using it for this website since it was created. Not only just it create lean and clean code but it is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t cost a penny.

This afternoon, we upgraded to the latest version (2.0.1 at the time or writing – an updated version of the 2.0 upgrade that was released a few weeks ago) and are delighted to find a new and improved admin section that takes WordPress to new levels.

Improving on what was already a very intuitive system, the new admin interface offers a very slick experience that is a joy to use. Whilst most of the features will be instanly familiar to anyone who has used previous versions of the system, the new design is a lot more ‘polished’ and the WYSIWYG editor appears to be working extremely well.

Not only is the blogging platform easy to use but it has proved itself as an excellent publishing platform from an SEO perspective. It is no great secret that blogs perform very well in the search engines (rewarding current / topical content that is frequently updated) and we frequently advise clients to consider such a platform for their websites.

Whilst not a fully fledged content management system (CMS) as such, we find WordPress to offer almost all the features that the average sized business needs from a CMS and the entire Browser Media website is powered by WordPress.

Since the addition of the ‘static pages’ feature in the 1.5 upgrade, WordPress has offered a real alternative to more expensive CMS solutions and, coupled with a fantastic support community, should be on the short list of any website owner looking for a search engine friendly CMS package that is easy to use and will not break the bank.

Quoting the official website, “WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time”.

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