Wooo Hoooo! Creating marketing that people love

Hubspot recognise the Scribbler Valentines day campaign. We love Hubspot, so that makes us very happy. Happy Valentines day everyone!

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Happy Valentines Day We are humble folks here at Browser Media.

Shouting about ourselves is not something that comes naturally, but I have just got back into the office to see a blog post from Hubspot about Valentines Day campaigns that have caught their heart and am thrilled to see that they have picked up on a campaign that we have been working with the mighty Scribbler on.

Anyone that knows me will know that I have massive respect for Hubspot. They do a lot of things very, very well.

One of my personal highlights is their incredibly brilliant strapline of ‘Create marketing people love‘.

Pure genius – incredibly simple but it speaks volumes and I have yet to find a better way of summarising what I believe modern SEO should be about.

It is no coincidence that we have adopted the inbound marketing philosophy, so it is especially rewarding for me to see acknowledgement from Hubspot for one of our campaigns.

If you haven’t yet added your voice to the eternal debate, head on over to their blog and share your wisdom. Be honest, be rude (a particular strength of the Scribbler brand!) and don’t go for the obvious.

Time for me to go and embrace valentine’s day but it will be done with a smile on my face. Thank you Hubspot and go team Scribbler!


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