Who would want to work in online marketing?

We all should! Online marketing, although competitive, provides a great networking platform and really, we’re all in it for the greater good

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It is that time of year again and lucky me (Joe) has just got back from the 4th Econsultancy digital ski trip.

Returning to the spiritual home of St. Anton, we were once again blessed with fantastic weather and great conditions in the majestic beauty of the Austrian mountains.

See update below for video footage, but here are some photos of the event, mainly courtesy of Julian Sambles of telegraph.co.uk who is a legend on skis but also proves to be a dab hand with the camera :

Econsultancy Digital Ski 2010 - Photo Montage

Our regular readers will have seen previous posts about these trips and trip no.4 has cemented my opinion that online marketing is a very, very good place to be.

It is a real pleasure to spend time with a group of people who are all working at the coal face of digital marketing – the enthusiasm and passion for what we do is a credit to our industry.

Perhaps most significant aspects of the trips, in my humble opinion, is the fact that ‘competitors’ are happy to talk and chat about the greater good. I had an excellent time with Search Laboratory and Epiphany and whilst they are theoretical business enemies (hence no link!), they are great people and the passion for online marketing is a strong bond.

So, who would want to work in online marketing? Count me in. Who wants to sign up for digital ski 2011? Count me in…

It’s here – for your viewing pleasure, here is the latest instalment in our Digital Ski trip videos:


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