Which industries should be prepared for Easter?

Easter is an important period for Home & Garden and Travel related businesses, with big spikes in search expected. Are you ready for the increase?

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Easter seems to have crept up on us out of nowhere –  it is so much earlier this year – but advertisers must be prepared. It’s a big weekend for home, Easter retail, and travel related searches.

As with all big events occurring throughout the global calendar, we see different trends and patterns in each industry, especially within retail and eCommerce, and Easter is no exception.

Over the Easter weekend (and for the two weeks leading up to it) we can expect to see big spikes in Easter retail, Travel and Home & Garden searches across both the Bing Network and Google. People use the long weekend for a spot of DIY in the home or garden, and they’re starting to plan their holidays, using Google and Bing to do their research.

Here are some insights from Bing:


Mobile is the device of choice over the four day Easter weekend, with 60% of Easter Sunday Google searches for Home and Garden related terms coming from mobile devices last year. Searches were five times higher than average on the Bing Network between 6am and 8am on Easter Sunday.

Popular search terms over the Easter period on the Bing Network include activities, clothing and Easter holidays:

Easter search terms

Home improvement, DIY and garden terms are very highly searched around the Easter period too – lots of people turn to YouTube for “how to” searches in both the home and the garden. Top search terms on YouTube in 2015 include; ‘how to lay laminate flooring’, ‘how to plaster a wall’, ‘how to build a shed’, ‘how to paint a room’, ‘how to build a fence’, ‘how to lay artificial grass’, ‘how to build a fire pit’.

What does this mean for advertisers?

With the increase in search for products, help and advice, advertisers should try and capitalise on the extra traffic by using a portion of their media budget to ensure that their ads are visible all over the Easter weekend.

If you are in the retail, travel or home & garden industry, make sure you are utilising mobile searches over the long break, and if you haven’t tried YouTube advertising before maybe now’s the time to give it a go. Searches peak between 9pm and 10pm on YouTube, so make the most of ad scheduling to ensure you can be seen in the evenings.

Lastly set up remarketing lists to capture that extra traffic. Retarget them with an enticing offer in the form of banner ads, in case the user does not purchase there and then.

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