What are the Brits looking for?

What is more important to you – the royal wedding, the olympics or Libya? A quick snapshot of recent search trends in the UK.

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William and Kate tie the knot! Unless you have managed to stick your head in the sand like an ostrich over the past few days and weeks, it will not have escaped your notice that there is a certain wedding taking place tomorrow…

It is easy to see why the media has gone crazy over the event, even if it is slightly driving you mad (we will certainly be pleased when the nightly broadcasts of (very) distant relations of Kate working hard in the local chip shop come to an end), as there is a clear swell of positive public opinion / sentiment towards the marriage.

Being search nerds, we have been wondering just how much of a big deal the day is to the average Briton and turned to our favourite source of quick analysis of what people are looking for online – Google’s insights for search.

Insights for search is a great tool and you can easily find yourself spending hours looking into search trends and exploring changing behaviours.

There was no surprise that royal wedding searches were reaching fever pitch levels, but we wanted to explore how it compared to other search terms that we thought would (should?) be popular over the past days, so we explored search volumes for the following phrases:

  • royal wedding
  • olympic tickets
  • libya

As with pretty much all keyword data, we would encourage you to take the actual numbers with a pinch of salt, but it is always interesting to look at relative search volumes.

As can be seen in the graph below, it is interesting to see that searches for olympic tickets (did you get your bid in on time?) have almost reached the same level as royal wedding searches in the past couple of days:


Perhaps more sobering is the relative lack of interest in events in Libya – it simply doesn’t register when compared to the royal wedding or a sporting event next year.

This is not intended to be a political statement at all and we rejoice in the happy day tomorrow (and wish you both a long and happy wedding – you really should stop reading this blog and get all those last minute issues sorted…..) but it is a good example of how tools designed to help search marketers can serve as an interesting barometer for public sentiment.

Of all the tools available, we do have a soft spot for Insights for Search – always a good way to explore what people are looking for and see trends for keywords that you are interested in.

We wish everyone a very happy extended weekend!

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