Website Optimizer from Google

Google announces Website Optimizer – a tool to help determine effectiveness of different landing pages through multivariate testing.

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An interesting new tool called Website Optimizer has been announced by Google which should help test different landing pages.

Search engine marketing is typically concerned with using search engines as a source for traffic to a website, but it is crucial to consider what this traffic does once it has arrived at the website.

Conversion is as important as the traffic itself, since high volumes of traffic with no conversions is generally less preferable than low volumes of traffic with a high conversion rate.

The new tool, known as  ‘Website Optimizer’ uses a multivariate testing model rather than the more common A/B testing. Multivariate testing (also known as “factorial”) can offer much more fine-grained analysis as you can explore the effectiveness of a number of different items on a page rather than comparing two totally different pages.

Certainly worth looking at for almost any website.

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