We welcome Graham Ruddick on board

Browser Media appoints Graham Ruddick as a non executive director. Who is Graham and what will he bring to the agency?

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Graham Ruddick I am extremely pleased to officially announce the appointment of Graham Ruddick as a non-executive director of Browser Media.

I have known Graham for a couple of years, having initially met on one of the legendary digital ski trips and he has been involved with Browser Media in a less official capacity over the past year, so it is fantastic to welcome him on board at an exciting time for the agency.

Graham started working life in the Army, serving as an infantry officer and a helicopter pilot, but has been involved with the digital marketing world since 1995 when he launched the new media team for an international marketing agency.

His career has subsequently included working with many of the UK’s largest publishers, including Centaur, Reed Business and Trinity Mirror with roles from Global e-Business Director to MD.

On a personal level, it will be great to have Graham around on a more regular basis, but I have absolute confidence that he will help us mature as an agency and ensure that our growth is managed in a sustainable manner.

Graham comments: “It’s really exciting to be working with a young business that provides such an important service to marketers. All the current changes in the search landscape mean that brands are struggling to keep up. Browser Media is perfectly placed to support them and help drive their revenues upwards. I strongly believe in Browser Media’s PR-led, ethical approach and it will be my role to help communicate those strengths and assist with the growth of the agency.”

Welcome on board Graham and I look forward to working with you over the coming months / years!

For the official press release, please see http://econsultancy.com/uk/press-releases/6006-browser-media-appoints-graham-ruddick-as-non-executive-director

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