Using call tracking to increase sales and optimise marketing ROI

What is call tracking and how can it help your marketing campaigns? A guest blog post from ResponseTap (formerly AdInsight).

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What is making the telephones ring? These days, businesses are using more marketing channels than ever.

The invention, development and popularisation of the internet has given businesses a wealth of digital marketing opportunities including websites, pay per click, pay per call, content marketing, social media marketing and more recently, with smartphones becoming increasingly commonplace, mobile marketing.

This doesn’t mean that traditional marketing has become obsolete, as businesses are still using print advertising, banner adverts, TV and radio.  With so many channels and different campaigns within these channels, measuring the effectiveness of all of your advertising can seem an overwhelming task, especially when you consider that the marketing channels that drive a sale aren’t always the channels that consumers use to complete a sale.

Visitor call tracking software is an innovative piece of technology that enables businesses to see which online marketing campaigns result in telephone leads and sales, by providing each visitor to your website with a unique number which is then tracked.

If a call is made as a result of a website visit, call tracking technology also shows you how a visitor came to your website, and if found by search you can identify which keywords were used in order to find your website and whether it was a Pay Per Click or an organic search result.

This data enables you to maximise your pay per click and search engine optimisation ROI by adjusting your marketing spend on each campaign depending on which campaign is producing leads and sales.  This is called ‘keyword level call tracking’.

Visitor level call tracking also allows you to see what a visitor is looking at within your website and for how long before, during and after a phone call.  You can see which content is motivating them to call you and if that call results in a lead or sale, enabling you to optimise your web content to drive more calls.  This information is kept in a visitor log, so that if your potential client visits your website and/or calls your business multiple times, you can see every visit and call they make, whether its hours, days or months in between each visit and/or call.

Call tracking software even has features that assist you in making a sale, as well as tracking the sales you do make.

One of these features is ‘dynamic call routing,’ where you can ensure a call from a particular campaign gets directed through to the most appropriate person or department, providing them with a better customer experience.

You can utilise a ‘call whisper’ feature, which plays a short message before or after a call informing you of the origin of the call, in order that you know the motivation behind the call.

There is also a ‘call recording’ feature which can be used for training and monitoring purposes, and a ‘missed call alert’ feature that will send you an email if a call is missed, with details of the caller including how they found you, in order that you can return the call in an informed manner.

The capacities of visitor level call tracking are impressive.  This is technology that can provide intelligence about calls generated by both online marketing with the use of unique numbers for each visitor, and offline advertising, by assigning a single number to each offline campaign so you can see which are driving calls.

The use of call tracking gives you a holistic picture of how your marketing is working and provides insight into leads that convert as a result of a phone call, which can be analysed alongside other types of conversion.

All of this information can be used to understand how you might further improve your marketing in the future.

About Louise:
Louise Dixon is a digital marketing executive at ResponseTap. ResponseTap, formerly AdInsight, are the leaders in voice-centric marketing technology and provide visitor level call tracking and call analytics operating from offices in Manchester, London and New York.

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