Twitter aggregates your tweeted images in to User Galleries

Twitter has rolled out User Galleries – aggregates all images you’ve uploaded in your Tweets into a single page

You are reading: Twitter aggregates your tweeted images in to User Galleries

Over the past few months Twitter has been busy improving many aspects of it’s service, including better search functionality and improved image sharing.

Perhaps the most notable advancement of late comes in the form of ‘User Galleries’, which in a nutshell “aggregate the images you’ve uploaded in your Tweets into an organized page where you can view all of your most recent images.”

And about time too.


image via Twitter help center

Image galleries are made up of a user’s 100 most recently tweeted images and are organised in chronological order on a single page. The galleries will consist of any image that’s been uploaded via Twitter or any other supported photo-sharing service since January 1, 2010. This means that old images from third party applications like Instagram and yFrog will also feature.

User galleries will also include ‘manually retweeted’ images (If you copy and paste someone else’s tweet) but not images shared using the retweet button. Curse that retweet button.

To view your, or another user’s user gallery simply visit the desired profile page on and click ‘view all’, next to the recent images on the right of the page. From here you’ll be ale to view all images as thumbnail-style ‘grid view’ or in ‘detail view’ (shown above), complete with the body of the original tweet, which is useful for putting images in to some context.

Until now images have had very short life span on Twitter and have typically been scattered amongst 2 or 3 different image sharing applications. User galleries looks sure to change this and will almost certainly encourage users to share more images in their tweets.

It’s taken Twitter a long time to roll out what seems like such an obvious feature but it’s great it finally has, because it’s a brilliant addition to the site.

Happy viewing.

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