The influence of social media on your holiday planning

How social media and customer reviews affect your holiday planning. Is social media the most potent threat to the tourism industry?

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How often have you turned to Google to find out more about a hotel that you are considering staying in? The influence of social media and the potency of the reviews that you can read about holiday destinations cannot be ignored.

We just came across some interesting destination reviews that made us smile and we wanted to share with you…

Before you wonder, we found this in the blogosphere – we can assure you that this is not a destination that anyone at Browser Media has any aspiration of visiting in the near future, but there are some superb reviews for a certain London accomodation facility available on Google maps.

Our personal favourite was the 1 star review from Convict, who writes:

Very cheap but low class The view from the room was poor and obscured by iron bars. Facilities were rudimentary to say the least – no television, mini bar or ensuite facilities. Due to overbooking I was forced to share with a rather charmless individual by the name of “Mike the Hatchet” who was keen to know why my stay was so short. I sought out the shower facilities in the morning and had to queue and was then told “not to bend down for the soap” by a somewhat surly member of staff. When I went to check out I was interviewed by a panel of 3 people who asked a lot of strange questions such as whether I had kept my nose clean etc. For some reason my departure was met with some unruliness by the other guests who banged their mugs against the iron bars and shouted obscenities. The only plus point was that after checkout I discovered that reception had forgotten to charge me for my stay. even though my stay was free I.m afraid I cannot recommend this establishment.

Isn’t it great to see some honest opinions about the establishment? Don’t you love how social media allows you to see the real truth, rather than just the marketing spiel that the tourist operators want you to see?

This is, of course, light hearted fun but we were talking in the office this morning about how the likes of TripAdvisor are changing the way that we choose our travel destinations and we fully intend on writing a blog about the impact social media has had on tourism, so watch this space and we hope that the reviews on Wormwood Scrubs help you decide whether you want to stay there.

Our guess is that you probably want to give it a wide berth…

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