Social media, Nokia style

Mark Squires, Director of Social Media at Nokia explains why their social media strategy is so good. Great ideas for your brand’s presence.

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Earlier this week, Econsultancy interviewed Mark Squires – Director of social media at Nokia.

The interview revealed a number of interesting revelations about managing a large scale social media strategy, both internally and externally.

Squires explains how internal education was the first step in developing a successful social media presence. He highlights the importance of good planning and a steady approach, as he puts it:

“a lot of brands came into social media in a way that was akin to bursting into conversations at a party and demanding people pay attention to you, which is a mistake. We avoided this pitfall by simply listening without necessarily joining in every time”.

It’s Nokia’s emphasis on the importance of listening that set them apart from many other brands in the social media space.

There is clearly a well developed set of policies in place that ensure the brand maintains its high standards of communication. Listening should be every brands priority when embracing social media.

Squires explains that today’s mobile consumers don’t always make decisions based purely on price or features, other factors such as strength of brand and kudos are also important – acting on this knowledge, Nokia are constantly painting a broader picture of their brand by adding factors like their commitment to environmental issues.

A good read and good to see social media being taken seriously.

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