Sneak Preview of Yahoo!’s New Customisable Homepage

Users can select their own feature rch content on the new customisable Yahoo! homepage. UK users to see BBC updates and Underground Alerts.

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Over time Yahoo! have continuously been updating their homepage to try and make it as user friendly as possible in an attempt to attract the attention of Internet users across the world, and this week they have shared their latest design:

The new design is being launched across both Mobile and PC homepages and is said to contain more “feature-rich” content and allows users to personally customise their individual homepages to contain their favourite content and services from across the web.

Yahoo! argue that this new personal design has been user driven and allows users to store their most used links and favourite content in an easy to access dashboard available from the Yahoo! homepage.

Customer feedback has led Yahoo! to believe that their users are very happy with the current design, so the new design incorporates the old one and therefore the overall look and feel of the page is the same as the previous design.

However they have taken other customer comments on board too, and therefore added more features that are easy to use and that are customisable.

Due to this feedback the new design encompasses a new “My Favourites” column down the left hand side of the homepage that consists of an applications “dashboard”, which is fully customisable and allows users to easily access their favourite sites from across the web, whether that be on Yahoo! or elsewhere.

They have also added some other new features such as even more applications that can be used from the homepage and these include eBay, MySpace, and also websites such as USA Today and NPR. They also plan to include popular Yahoo! apps such as MSN Messenger, Movies and Flickr.

They also plan to include updates on the homepage such as recently Buzzed content or videos that have been uploaded to YouTube by users online friends, so all the information users are interested in can easily be found on one page.

Another alteration they plan to implement is to separate their current email inbox design, to make emailing that bit easier, this has been inspired by customer feedback and due to the demand from users.

Finally the wish to include local personalisation to each countries homepages, so whilst the general design and look of the page will be the same across the globe the features and links on the site will vary from country to country.

For example in the UK we can expect to see London Underground alerts and news from the BBC whilst India’s homepage will contain a cricket app and many other apps that are specific and relevant to the people of India.

The new design is currently being tested internally and is a work in progress, however these changes are scheduled to go live across globe within the up and coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

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