Share multiple links with Bundles

Bundles is a new service from the popular link shortening service, that lets you share a up to 100 of links with one URL.

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Last week, the popular link-shortening service, launched it’s new feature – Bundles.

Bundles allow you to easily share a ‘bundle’ of up to 100 links with one short URL that leads to a landing page containing all of the links.


The landing page features rich media previews of pictures and videos, all powered by, another Betaworks company.

Matt LeMay, a producer and engineer at blogged;

“Every link you add to a bundle will include a rich media preview (courtesy of our friends at and a click count, and can be customized with a title and description. Try it out with your favourite video, photo, and any other links you’d like to curate and share.”

Once you’ve created a bundle, you can customise it by adding annotations, titles and descriptions. Once the bundle has been shared, friends can respond via a comments box.

In the first week, says to have seen over 14,000 bundles created. These bundles have included bundles of recipes, bundles of music, bundles of fonts and even bundles of bundles!

For those who don’t have time to make your own bundles, there’s also a “Clone Bundle” button that lets you copy and put your own twist on another user’s bundle.

We’re big fans of so will certainly be giving the bundles feature a whirl.

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