Search engines join forces to fight click fraud

The major search engines join forces to tackle the issue of PPC click fraud.

You are reading: Search engines join forces to fight click fraud

Hot on the heels of our recent article on PPC click fraud, it is interesting to read that the leading search engines are teaming up with an advertising trade group to find a better way to identify and combat click fraud.

As reported in Business Week (please note that this site contains pop up advertisements), collaboration of three fierce competitors like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft shows how serious the industry has become about tackling click fraud before it truly threatens the entire pay per click (ppc) advertising model.

The alliance, with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, aims to establish a mutually agreed definition of click fraud and to establish clear parameters to identify the activity. “It may take more than a year before the guidelines are finalized”, according to Greg Stuart, chief executive of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, so don’t hold your breath.

A positive step in the fight against click fraud and further proof that it is an issue which the search engines are taking very seriously.

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