RockMelt rolls out its first update

Two weeks after it’s launch, RockMelt has rolled out Version The update sees a number of improvements and bug fixes.

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It’s been two weeks since RockMelt – the ‘social web browser’ officially launched in beta.

RockMelt has this week rolled out it’s first big update – Version The update will see a number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

If you’re already using RockMelt, your browser will update automatically;

If not you can download it now by opening the RockMelt menu in the upper left of the browser, clicking “About RockMelt”, and checking for updates.

Courtesy of the RockMelt blog, here’s what’s new in Version;

  • New Gmail Notifier App to let you know when you have new email. To install, just go to, sign in, and click on the “Add Apps” button at the bottom of the App Edge
  • Tweet directly from the Twitter App using the new “compose” button at the top
  • Update your status directly from the Facebook App by clicking on the new “compose” button at the top
  • Search within the Facebook, Twitter, and News Apps by typing in the new filter box (Windows users press CTRL+F to invoke)
  • Compose messages, write on walls, or go straight to a website through richer context menus when you right-click on a Friend or App in the Edge
  • Faster, more consistent Twitter and Facebook feed updates and notifications
  • Look for more invites and improved notifications in the enhanced Invite App
  • Hide or show edges while in full-screen mode, just like in the normal view
  • Upgrade to Chromium 7 for improvements in speed and stability and better HTML 5 support

Bugs fixed

  • (Mac) Fixed keyboard shortcut so Command+K  puts focus in the search field
  • (Mac) Twitter App recognizes underscores in Twitter handles
  • (Mac) Fixed issues with importing Firefox bookmarks
  • (Windows) Fixed issues when adding new Twitter accounts
  • (Windows) Enhanced the URL box and bookmarking bar
  • (Mac / Windows) Fixed a bunch of bugs that caused crashes
  • (Mac / Windows) Improved Share button functionality when sharing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and others

Like any startup, RockMelt has had its teething problems and received its fair share of criticism. However, to their credit Rockmelt have listened closely to the feedback from it’s users and improved the service considerably with this new update.


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