Record and share audio on the go with SoundCloud

Music sharing platform, SoundCloud has updated its service with a new feature that allows you to record and upload audio while on the go

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The popular music sharing / social networking site SoundCloud has announced a new feature that allows you to record, upload and share audio while on the go.

With the touch of a big red button, you can easily capture audio wherever you are and share it with the SoundCloud community, privately between friends or across your social networks and websites.

SoundCloud blogged;

“Imagine you’re in the subway and all of a sudden a group of strangers starts singing –  what’s known as a flashmob is happening right in front of your eyes (and ears). Or imagine you’re on tour with your band and have a super-funny story or acoustic demo of a brand-new song to share with your followers and fans.

How awesome would it be if you could capture this moment on the move and instantly share your recording with your people? We think that would be pretty awesome…”

…Yes it would, and now you can – either via the website;

scloud record web

Or via the new iPhone app;

scloud record

When uploading recordings using the iPhone app, in the spirit of all things social, you also have the option to add an image and location to the recording.

With this new feature, SoundCloudwill will appeal to a much broader audience than before, allowing anyone to record anything from personal audio messages and blogs, to poetry, comedy and even the sounds of the world around them.

Audio sharing is not a new concept, platforms such as Audioboo and Cinch have been offering the service for years. However, the fact that SoundCloud has recently passed the two million users milestone is certainly a concern for it’s competitors.

Could SoundCloud become the new YouTube for Audio?

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