Not another SEO v PR post!

Download Joe Friedlein’s presentation from last week’s ROLive event and find out how the disciplines of SEO and PR are blurred.

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Our regular readers, and anyone who has spoken to us over the years, will know that we have consistently preached that SEO and PR are closely aligned and we have been staggered at the friction that often exists between the SEO and the PR worlds.

Back in 2007, we were claiming that:

“It is therefore a source of constant surprise that so many traditional PR agencies have failed to grasp the importance of online marketing, and search engine marketing in particular.”

and we followed up in 2010 with a post exploring the differences between SEO and PR, claiming that:

“Just as a good press release will attract the attention of a large number of journalists through concise / clear messaging and a genuinely interesting ‘hook’, link building is at its best when you have something worth shouting about.”

We were therefore very pleased to have sponsored last Friday’s Reputation Online Live event titled “Where Social Meets Search and PR” as we felt that we had a lot to say on the subject and we welcomed the chance to present a case study that shows how good link building is really very similar to good PR.

We were not sure whether it was an SEO or a PR case study as we were tasked with improving search engine visibility but employed mainly PR tactics, but felt that this was apt given the title of the presentation.

Joe Friedlein’s presentation is now available on the ROLive slideshow but we wanted to share a full version (with speaker notes) of the presentation with you:

>> Click here to download the presentation (please select ‘read only’ when prompted)

We hope that the notes will help bring the presentation to life and explain some of the key points made during the presentation.

We very much enjoyed the day – it was good to see that the better PR agencies are finally embracing SEO and it is becoming a key part of their offering (whether directly or via partner agencies). If you were there, we hope you enjoyed the presentation and can only apologise that we didn’t have as many cats in the presentation as Alex from O2.

The only downer was managing to leave our lovely banner on the train… If you happen to find it, please let us know as it is still travelling somewhere on the train network!

If you would like to speak to us about our views on PR and SEO and want to find out why we have always offered a ‘PR-led’ approach to SEO, we would love to speak to you! Please feel free to contact us today.


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