New features from Google AdWords; shop the look and campaign groups

Update alert! Google announces the launch of two new features available in AdWords; shop the look and campaign groups

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There have been a couple of new features announced by Google on the Inside AdWords blog this week, two features they are calling: shop the look and campaign groups.

Shop the Look

Last week Google conducted an experiment to coincide with Fashion Week, allowing users to “Get a front row seat to Fashion Week with Google Search” and ‘shop the look’ directly from their mobile device.


Google is now allowing Shopping advertisers to feature their products in connection with images that users are browsing online. Powered by brands, bloggers, retailers and publishers, sourced from Google’s trusted partners such as, Polyvore and Curalate, shoppers can find the exact (or visually similar) products simply by tapping through and browsing the products in the Shopping ads.

So, for example, if you are browsing images for inspiration for a party outfit or new work look, you could potentially click on that image and be taken directly to the Shopping ads selling those (or very similar) products, so you could easily purchase said items in a couple of clicks.

This week they will also be rolling out this feature for apparel and home decor, so if you see a design for a living room that you really like you can simply click through, buy the items and have the look yourself in your own home. Neat, eh?

However, this is only live in the US at the moment, but hopefully it will come to the UK soon.

Campaign groups

Google is now allowing advertisers to group campaigns such as Video, Display, Search, and Shopping campaigns and set performance targets per group.

To do so advertisers should set up campaigns as normal and then:

1. select “campaign groups” from the left menu:

Camp Group img1

2. choose the campaigns to add to the group and give it a name: Campaign Group img2

Advertisers can track the performance of their groups either in the “Overview” tab or the “Performance targets” tab of the campaign group.

However Google says, “creating performance targets does not change how we serve your ads or optimize your campaigns. Instead, use it to evaluate whether or not your campaigns are working together toward your broader goals”.

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