The new AdWords interface is coming!

Google has been talking about it for the last year and it’s soon to hit our desktops, but will the new interface really be so much better than the one PPC managers have become so accustomed to?

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It was all the way back in March 2016, nearly a year ago now, that Google first mentioned the new “AdWords for marketing in a mobile-first world” and it’s now announced that this will soon be released across the world.

AdWords has been a thing for over 15 years now, and Google claims to be making these changes to make the next 15 years as good and as relevant as the first 15 it has existed. Speaking with advertisers, from different walks of life; industries and countries across the globe, they have combined their new found knowledge to build the ‘uber’ AdWords interface that will launch soon.

A lot changed over the first 15 years, features have come and gone, even the standard text ads are no longer with us, but the big focus for the overhaul is to make advertisers’ AdWords experience more about their business, not about the Google product. Consequentlym there will also be new simple, yet powerful, tools for advertisers to play with, and new ways to reach the end user with AdWords ads. These are the things that I’ll be most interested to see, as I’m sure lots of others will too.

The new AdWords experience will also involve a new overview page that includes valuable insights into accounts and helps visualise what’s going on with campaigns etc, so advertisers can act accordingly. Google claims to be removing the clutter and simplifying the experience to make navigating the interface and finding the tools needed to help create fantastic campaigns, as carefree as possible.

Here are some of the overview cards that we can expect to see within the new interface:

New adwords interface overview charts


These include nice and simple heat-map type charts, to easily see which locations and hours of which days of the week, for example, that are most important for the account. They look to be interactive too, so the metric within each can be altered to your preference. Above you can see clicks and impressions in the ‘Day & Hour’ and ‘Locations’ charts, respectively, but there is a drop down next to the metric so hopefully that can be changed to conversions etc, to see data for those too.

There also appears to be charts to highlight any funny business going on, like a random drop in activity, hopefully this would alert advertisers early to any concerns with campaigns and ads.

AdWords users should be experiencing the new product within the coming months, after a year of development by Google, so I’m certainly expecting good things! Some may just see the new interface when they log in to AdWords one day and others may see a link appear within AdWords, asking them to check it out, so watch this space!

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