My Five #400

As if temperatures weren’t rising enough, this week saw the heat crank up a notch in the battle of the brands. Instagram takes on TikTok, whilst Evian schools Coors Light on branding. It must be time for My Five!

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Kerry.

1. Evian’s sassy response to the new Coors Light logo

Sacre bleu! What were Coors Light thinking?! Almost identical shades of red, grey and pale blue, coupled with mountain imagery caused most of us to take a second glance. Evian took it all in their stride, sharing a playful tweet offering to lend them their graphical guidelines next time (#JokingNotJoking). Brand banter at its best from Evian, plus their retweet outperformed the original Coors Light tweet, so it looks like they’ve come out top here.

2. Instagram (attempts to) rival TikTok with Reels

Love it or loathe it, TikTok is having a moment. Millions of users flock to the platform to make and share short, entertaining videos, and it seemed Instagram wanted in on the action… Introducing Reels. The new Instagram feature has essentially copied TikTok’s ability to create short video montages with overlaid music and emojis, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have recreated its success. Early feedback from consumers highlights the lack of editing features, slow process and confusing and frustrating navigation. Ouch. No (fifteen second) celebration dances from Instagram on this one!

3. Google jumps in on the disaster that is 2020 with a new algorithm update… or does it?

We’ve had coronavirus, celebrity deaths, Australian wildfires, and now it seems as though SEO itself is actually on fire too. According to veteran Barry Schwartz anyway.

What started out as rumours of a dramatic algorithm update beginning on August 10th, was then revealed to be simply a glitch from Google; a bug that would be resolved. Technical issues? Are the Google team having trouble working from home too?!

4. Google improves its TV and sports search features

While some could argue that Google loves to make life a little bit more difficult for us SEO professionals, it does try to win the hearts of its consumers from time to time. Google announced it was adding a new feature to help searchers find live sports games and TV shows. For example, the “On TV now” carousel shows programmes across multiple channels that are currently airing. Want programmes later? Simply search “on TV later”.

 5. #KFCAdminIsBored

The heat got to us all this week, and the KFC Twitter admin was no exception. The hashtag #KFCAdminIsBored had us all guessing his favourite music. Because, why not?!

With over 2,000 guesses, there were predictably, some food puns:

Nice guess, David. But the correct answer (we know you’re dying to find out!) was…. Radiohead.

What would the Colonel say?!

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