My Five #383

In a world where everything is a bit rubbish at the moment, we take a look at some of the brands and individuals who are trying to keep everyone smiling.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Will.

So I tried my hardest to write a coronavirus-free My Five, but it turns out that is basically impossible. Instead here are five things that prove the world isn’t all bad at the moment.

1. Stay at home with Crocs

Brands all around the world are doing everything they can to encourage their customers to stay indoors and adhere to the various lockdown procedures. This is exactly what the extremely fashionable footwear company Crocs has done with their most recent campaign. StayHome by Crocs displays the multifunctionality of the shoes by highlighting some other potential uses.

Such as a colander:

Colander x Crocs x GIPHY

Or even weights:

Crocsercise x Crocs x GIPHY

2. Camp Bestival presents the Stay at Home Sleepover

With the Easter weekend upon us, lots of plans will have been cancelled as the world continues to social distance. The bank holiday weekend is usually the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family, however, this year it will be slightly different.

Alas, all is not lost as Camp Bestival is here to bring the party. On Saturday and Sunday the event will be coming to homes live across the country with the Stay at Home Easter Sleepover.

Including a lineup of DJs, live acts, comedians, and workshops for all the family, the Easter weekend just got a lot more exciting. Camp Bestival founders are even encouraging everyone to turn their homes into a campsite and wear their best festival attire. If it doesn’t already sound like a great idea, the event is also supporting The Trussell Trust and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, so it’ll be raising money for two great causes.

Well done, guys!

3. Jack Dorsey is a nice guy

Now more than ever it is clear that an individual’s wealth isn’t everything. It doesn’t matter if you have £1 to your name of £1million, you are nothing without your health. However, if you are of the lucky few who have an abundance of cash, now is the perfect opportunity to do something good and help the world.

That is exactly what Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has done. In a tweet early this week he pledged to donate 28% of his total wealth ($1billion or £810million) towards efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. However, he’s not just stopping there. Once the coronavirus pandemic has been managed, the funds will go towards girls’ health and education and research into universal basic income.

All of the donations can be tracked through a Google Doc, which is linked to in the above tweet so you can see where the money is going.

Over to you, Mr Zuckerberg!

4. Staying connected with Facebook

From one social media giant to another, Facebook has released an extremely touching film to highlight how the world is staying connected during the coronavirus outbreak. Using a selection of personal footage from the public over the voice of British poet Kate Tempest reciting her poem ‘People’s Faces’, the video is an emotional reminder of the importance of staying connected with friends and family.

We're never lost if we can find each other.


Ok, so I said this was going to be a My Five full of things to bring a smile to your face, and this is a bit blue, but this is too good to be left out.

5. Mega Super Pink Moon

That’s enough coronavirus talk for one My Five.

On Tuesday night, stargazers across the globe had the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking lunar light show. Although the name would suggest otherwise, The Super Pink Moon wasn’t actually pink, it was more orange, but it was bloody cool to see. Check out some of the best photos from Twitter:

Space is flipping cool hey?

Have a great Easter weekend, everyone! Keep safe and look after yourselves.

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