My Five #341

Wolves, eagles, and sharks in the office, pouting in Pripyat, and unpopular opinions about food all feature in this week’s My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Vic.

1. This is what you’ll get if you mess with us, OK Computer (hacker)

This week, a hacker attempted to bribe Radiohead – demanding a ransom of $150,000 – or else he’d release 18 tracks that he got off Thom Yorke’s MiniDisc archive.

The Karma Police didn’t have to arrest this man, because Radiohead decided to bang the tracks up on Bandcamp, where you can stream for free for a limited time, or, you can buy it, with all proceeds going to Extinction Rebellion.

2. Hashtag nuclear disaster

Social media influencers have taken selfies in some pretty inappropriate and dangerous places, but the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site might be the worst yet.

The hugely popular HBO series ‘Chernobyl’ has resulted in an influx of influencers from around the world visiting what remains of the 1986 explosion site and the surrounding ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine.

If you want to see what beautiful people using the world’s worst nuclear plant explosion as a backdrop for some sick selfies looks like, you can check out some of the influencer’s posts here.

3. Google AI animals visit the office

If your phone is compatible with Google ARCore, you’re in for a treat.

Thanks to a new AR feature, if you Google an animal, there’s a good chance you can bring it into your world, straight from mobile SERPs.

I think the feature is pretty cool. I’m not sure Ruby agrees.

4. Powerful interactive content

There’s been a lot of talk about Climate Change recently.

The UK has actually been doing pretty well in reducing its dependency on non-renewable sources of energy – but are we doing enough?

If you want to see how much has changed, and what the future holds, you can, with this wonderful interactive map.

5. People have some unsavoury opinions (on sweet and savoury food)

As if the Brexit opinion polls weren’t getting people riled up enough already, the results of another YouGov Poll have once again caused civil unrest across the UK.

See what you make of this.

Who are these people putting toad in the hole in mid-tier? And crumpets in god tier, sitting alongside a Sunday roast? Have a word.

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