My Five #337

In this week’s My Five, Gucci fashion comes up trumps again, BT’s new logo, and it’s bye bye Big Bang

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Rob.

1. Gucci gone mad?

It appears as though the big dogs sitting upon the Gucci brand either do not check what the company is up to, or genuinely think the ‘fashion’ being created is appropriate. Although, it’s pretty clear the new range of fashionable headwear has not gone down too well. Take a look and see what you think!

2. BT’s new logo

The rebranding of BT has been in the pipeline for several years now and The Guardian has published an article on what it believes to be the new logo, and it’s not exactly groundbreaking design work. It’s worth bearing in mind that this could not be the new logo at all, but in fact a nifty little trick to create a buzz around the brand prior to the real launch.

Image via The Guardian

BT has also announced that employees will be made shareholders of the company in 2020, an initiative to help BT work towards becoming a ‘national champion’ that exceeds customer expectations.

3. Catching interest

This week, The Drum published an article summarising the marketing campaign for the new Warner Bros movie, Detective Pikachu, and how the company utilised its successful marketing tactics of the Lego movies and Ryan Reynolds to full effect.

What’s more, movies such as Detective Pikachu and the Lego Movie have ulterior motives in that products outside the motion pictures can receive a boost. The Lego example is clear, as the brand and its toys are ubiquitous. But Pokemon on the other hand is due for a little kick up the backside, as other brands have secured the front seat since the world of pocket monsters first reached the UK in 1999.

A highlight of the campaign has to be the full length spoiler uploaded to YouTube.

4. Over half of America!

Americans don’t shower before going swimming and that’s why people get sick! Says a recent survey commissioned by an American company, called erm… Chlorine. Convenient, don’t you think?

Jessica Huseman, an American journalist, had a little rant about this survey on Twitter and raised some very valid points about the survey’s reliability; like whether over half of Americans really use pools to clean themselves, and how the results appear to be somewhat embellished in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Read the Sachs Media cases study here.

5. The Big Bang Theory is no more

The Big Bang Theory came to an end this week, after 279 episodes spanned across 12 years! And the programme’s Twitter feed exploded with sneak peeks, throwbacks, tributes, and tons of fan engagement to drum up interest in the finale.

If you’re a fan of the show then it’s well worth a scroll through the feed, although it will probably remind you of how young you were when season one first aired in 2007. Personally, I would still be living with my mum, pestering her about dinner, wondering what the next day’s lunch would be, and how much money I could get from her if lunch had not been planned – I was 15 years old and hungry…

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