My Five #323

This week’s My Five features cheesy wordplay from Aldi, some awesome (and some not so awesome) new emojis and the #BrandBowl Awards.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Will.

1. Twitter #BrandBowl

Last weekend marked one of the biggest events of the year for sports fans and marketers across the world – Super Bowl LIII (or 53 if you aren’t fluent in Roman numerals). Big brands all over the globe spend countless hours, and often a substantial amount of money, planning marketing campaigns to tie in with the mega event in an attempt to gain the attention of the global audience who tune in. Social media, especially Twitter, provides brands with the perfect opportunity to get involved with all things Super Bowl and provides a platform where they can generate lots of exposure from a single tweet.

In order to encourage brands to get involved with the conversation, Twitter once again launched its #BrandBowl Awards to celebrate the best brands’ Super Bowl tie-ins.

This year’s coveted #MVP award, the award for the brand with the highest percentage of brand-related tweets, was won by Planters for its #CrunchTimeGiveaway that featured everyone’s favourite Mr Peanut – I have no idea either!

The other awards available include the #Blitz award which is given to the brand with the highest level of tweets per minute, the #Quarterback award which is for the tweet that gained the most retweets during the game and many more. Check out the full list of all of the 2019 #BrandBowl Awards and the winners here.  

2. YouTube Rewind

Late last year YouTube released their annual YouTube Rewind video that takes a look at key moments on the platform from the previous year. However, this year the video received a huge amount of backlash from content creators and users as within a week of release it became the most disliked video on the platform.

Earlier this week YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, responded to the backlash by writing an open letter to YouTube’s content creators addressing the issues and promising that they would not make the same mistakes in the future. While this doesn’t change what has happened, it displays that YouTube is clearly looking to take a step in the right direction with Rewind 2019.

3. Pun-derful cheese

UK supermarket Aldi is going to stock a range of 80s themed cheese from Happy Farms’ that pay tribute to a group of classic rock bands. Fans of Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard will be able to get their hands of a slice of ‘Sweet Cheddar Of Mine’ or ‘Pour Some Gouda On Me’.

These cheeses are being stocked to coincide with the Grammys that take place on Sunday 10th February and will only be around for a limited time so be quick.

4. Even more emojis

Emojis, whether you love them or hate them one thing’s for sure, they’re completely unavoidable. There are currently 2,823 emojis available in the Unicode Standard, a number that is going to grow as the release of Emoji 12.0 sees 59 brand new emojis added and 171 new variations on existing emojis. The new update embraces inclusions with a new range of emojis for individuals with physical disabilities as well as wider inclusiveness in terms of race and relationship type.

In addition to the human emojis, there is also a range of new animals, including an awesome sloth…


… and some slightly less useful objects such as an untied ballet shoe and a rather horrible looking pair of Y-Fronts!


5. Two Hollywood powerhouses put their fake feud aside

If you been on social media, especially Twitter, over the last few months it’s highly likely that you have noticed two of Hollywood’s biggest actors have been having some ‘beef’. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been insulting and playing pranks on each other for a while, all of which has created great viewing for their fans.

This week the pair finally decided to call a truce and put their differences aside and, in the spirit of goodwill, have created new ads for each other’s companies. As expected, the results were fantastic!

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