My Five #317

A fairly Twitter heavy edition of My Five this week. With some helpful stuff, fun stuff, and stuff you didn’t know you needed.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Rob.

1. Christmas social media guide

The Shelf has created a handy little infographic on social media marketing for the Christmas period. The guide covers stats, trends and strategies for maximising your brand; and don’t worry if we are a little late in sharing this, the techniques can always be used next year.

2. This guy needs better parents…

He’s at it again, but this time Kevin has a little help from Google Assistant.

3. The best Christmas jumper you’ve never seen

Christmas jumpers were once a thing reserved for the brave, but today the festive garments can be seen everywhere during December and we are becoming a little immune to it. Which appears to be the case with KP snacks, as the company released a nut dispensing jumper which, according to their social media engagement (or lack thereof), nobody appears to know about.

Unfortunately, the snack giant doesn’t have the kind of social media presence you would expect from a national brand, with a Twitter following of around 4,000 and a similar number of likes on Facebook. It goes without saying that the social media side of the campaign does not appear to have been very successful.

4. Burger King again…

Burger King is mentioned quite a bit on the Browser Media blog, and it’s not like we are taking office bets on how many times it can be used in our content; they just do things really well. And the King is at it again (well, actually the agency who runs the company’s social are).

So in November, this happened…

The Chief Exec of Coolr, the agency managing Burger King’s social accounts, shared his thoughts on why they are successful with The Drum – you can read the article here.

5. Smell alert!

Have you ever wondered at what point the application of technology can have absolutely no benefit to our lives? Like, surely there will come a point when AI cannot improve things? Well, a UK manufacturer of computer chips has found something very, very useful. Detecting body odour

So from now on, when you’re unsure if you smell of BO or not, a chip in your armpit will notify you that yes, you do in fact smell. How helpful is that!?

BUT… the technology is incredibly intelligent as it is pretty much a man made nose – who knows what these developments could lead to. In fact there are quite a few inventions made from total happenstance.

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