My Five #307

In this week’s My Five, a man can’t get a date, another man has his heart broken, a beautiful baby is born, and a social media platform dies.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Vic.

1. Men can no longer go on dates

Thanks to feminism, men can no longer pay a woman a compliment, make polite conversation, or even glance in the general direction of someone with different toilet parts for fear of being arrested.


The chap in the Twitter post (which has since been deleted by his mummy) is named Pieter Hanson, and to be fair to her, he does sound like a gentleman who respects women.

And yes, Twitter’s meme game was indeed on point.

2. Google+ finally kicks the bucket

With Google itself admitting that 90% of Google+ visitors hang around for less than 5 seconds, coupled with a data breach that the company chose not to tell anyone about for ages, the platform is finally preparing to drop off its twig. We predicted its demise about six years ago, but whatever.

The consumer version of the platform will officially be laid to rest in about 10 months time.


Farewell, Google+
(You will not be missed).

3. Not what you’d expect when you’re expecting

I’ve never really understood the point of staged photo shoots for any occasion, however, these are simply stunning.







All image credits Li Carter

Congrats guys! The full family album can be viewed here.

4. The Circle jerks with a guys feelings

I didn’t watch The Circle on Channel 4, but after hearing about how twisted the finale was, I’m kind of sad I missed it. The basic premise of the show was to take part in a sort of sick social experiment where the aim was to be the most ‘liked’ person on ‘social media’ to win a big load of money.

Contestants on The Circle all lived alone, and only communicated with each other through their online profiles via an app that was custom-made for the show. This meant that they could choose to be themselves, or pose as a different person entirely.

The winner, Alex, catfished the heck out of everyone to be crowned the eventual winner, causing a lot of heartbreak for fellow contestant, Dan, who was under the impression that Alex was a lady named Kate.

Here’s the moment they finally met. (Warning: contains swears but they are edited out).


5. Anthony Hopkins might be a cannibal

Did you know that when you see actors in films and on the telly they are portraying a character and it’s not who they actually are in real life?

Well, apparently Fox News doesn’t. Talking about Jamie Lee Curtis reviving her role as Laurie in the long-running Halloween series, they seem to not be able to grasp that she isn’t really attempting to shoot a mask-wearing serial killer to death.

“In the 11th installment of the horror film series, Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode, is seen wielding firearms in her quest to kill the film’s legendary villain, Michael Myers.

“But Curtis’s on-screen actions stand in contrast to her real-life persona as an advocate for gun control — one of several Hollywood actors who use firearms in their films while preaching against them away from the set.”

While most people were able to understand this concept, there always has to be one.

You can see all the responses to this whole hot mess here, if you like.

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