My Five #300

Is Google in trouble? How footballers do more than play football, and is Netflix about to upset their fans?

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Rob.

1. More Search Console updates? You guys are too kind!

This week, three functions from the previous version of Search Console have been added to the new beta platform:

  • Link reports – combines the ‘links to your site’ and ‘internal links’ into one tool
  • Mobile usability – displays the same information as the previous report, but users are now able to submit requests to validate and reindex pages once any issues have been addressed
  • Site management – users can now manage sites and verify new ones via the new settings page

2. I have literally no idea where you are… wink wink

Google could be facing a lawsuit as a San Diego citizen claims the company has been tracking his location, despite following Google’s instructions for preventing them from doing so – making this a claim based on ‘deceptive trade practice’.

Location tracking presents huge benefits to Google and its third parties. Say for example you’re a couple of steps from a fast food restaurant at lunchtime; you and everyone else who walks past becomes a potential customer via their phone. It is obvious to see why location tracking is so valuable in terms of digital marketing, so has Google been a little cheeky and duped their users? We will have to wait and see how Patacsil v Google Inc pans out.

3. Binge watch interrupted!

Netflix has announced it will be introducing ‘unskippable’ recommendations between episodes, in an attempt to ‘help members discover stories they will enjoy faster’. And I am really not sure this bothers me…

When you think of how much DVDs actually cost, a Netflix subscription is a friggin’ steal. You will struggle to find any brand new DVD for less than £3 in shops or online, so a month’s subscription to Netflix costs roughly three movies… Are recommendations that you cannot skip really that bad?

What’s more, Netflix will soon see stiff competition from Disney. After all, the Disney streaming service is expected to be cheaper than Netflix and Prime as they have a smaller library. A reduction in subscription costs might sound great to us, but it probably isn’t a viable business model for Netflix, therefore, reminding current members how great Netflix content is could be just what the platform needs to ride any potential storm.

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4. Italy got lucky

Sticking with the streaming theme, UK based sports streaming company, DAZN, has announced a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo, making him their global ambassador for the next two-and-a-half years.

DAZN has achieved a piece of marketing brilliance with Ronaldo’s signature, as not long before his move to the Italian champions, Juventus, the company purchased the broadcasting rights to Serie A for the next three years. Thus Ronaldo instantly topped the list of players to move the ‘Netflix of sports’ forward. With his millions of social media followers and adoring fans across the world, it is pretty safe to say people will subscribe to DAZN just to see him light up the Allianz Stadium.

5. Everton’s players go angry

Everton FC is sponsored by Rovio’s Angry Birds, which is displayed on the sleeve of the official kit, and the deal comes with perks for both parties.

Three of Everton’s top performers have been ‘temporarily’ virtualised with their own characters within the game. Naturally the fans most likely to be drawn in by this are Evertonians, realistically there is very little chance of anyone else reacting to this campaign. But if the new characters had been been Kane, Dele and Eriksen (or any Spurs player for that matter) I would ignore my life entirely, and play Angry Birds.

Regardless of who will and will not play the game following the release of Everton footballers, the thought process behind this partnership is clear. Everton can please their fans, and Rovio can give Angry Birds a little boost.


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