My Five #265

Snow storms, twitter storms, popular Facebook content, sky ‘art’ and gingers in paradise – it is My Five time.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Joe.

1. Twitter storms unleashed

Hot on the heels of its expanded character count (“to make it easier for people to fit what they are thinking into a tweet”), Twitter launched a new feature called ‘Threads’ this week which allows you to string tweets together.

Watch out for a new ‘+’ sign in the composer screen in the coming weeks and go create the perfect Twitter storm. Twitter says that there will be a limit of 25 entries in a thread but that is subject to change depending on how the feature is adopted.

So there you have it. As Wired put so well, “Now a thread is a full-fledged Twitter feature, right alongside hashtags and casual racism”.

2. Snowmageddon

Last Sunday saw the first real snow of the year here in Colchester.

Actually, the first real snow for a few years and I personally love it and find that it brings out the child in us all. It also brings out a blizzard of ‘it’s snowing’ posts on social media channels, just in case you are incapable of looking out of the window…

Amongst the many snowy images that I saw this week, a video that really stood out for me was a snapshot of an American Football match that was played in very interesting conditions:

3. Most shared Facebook content 2017

We are massive fans of Buzzsumo (which was recently acquired by Brandwatch) and use it on a daily basis.

This week saw Buzzsumo produce a really interesting round up of the most popular Facebook content of the year this week. Video is the clear winner, with music video being the most shared content. Cute animal videos are always popular, but it would seem that seals are the new cats…

It is an interesting read, although a bit depressing that Despacito tops the chart!

4. Have you put up your Christmas tree yet?

Who says that Germans are boring?

An Airbus test pilot displayed some fantastic festive spirit this week by flying a path that created a very timely image on flight tracking tools:

A very good effort, although not the only example of sky art in recent weeks – did you see the giant picture created by a US navy pilot?

5. And finally…

Have you heard of Mike and Laura Bergeron?

The couple from California have been producing some amazing Christmas cards for over a decade. You can see some past editions here, but the 2017 card, titled ‘Gingers in Paradise’ made me chuckle:

Gingers in Paradise

Have a great weekend.


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