My Five #255

Waking up with a boom, spooky advertising from Burger King, and living the real British Dream. It’s all going on in this week’s My Five.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Will.

1. Here comes the boom!

The people of sleepy Suffolk were awoken during the early hours of Wednesday morning by a massive bang. Thousands of people across Suffolk reported hearing what sounded like an explosion at around 8:30am. Everyone’s panic was soon calmed as The Ministry of Defence confirmed the noise was a sonic boom caused by Typhoon jets escorting a Ryanair plane to Stansted Airport. The Ryanair flight had to be diverted to Stansted airport following a security alert on board the flight. Thankfully, there was no danger as Ryanair quickly reported the security alert was a hoax.

2. #nevertrustaclown

Burger King in Germany hijacked the premiere of the horror film, ‘IT’ by turning the whole film into what they are claiming to be their longest advert ever. The film is centred around a murderous clown, giving Burger King the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the mascot of their biggest rival. The film ran as expected, terrifying the audience with jump scares and creepy clowns. However, just before the credits ran, the screen went black and a spotlight appeared with the text, “The moral is: never trust a clown.” quickly followed by a smaller spotlight at the bottom of the screen with the Burger King logo.

Well played Burger King, well played.

3. Instagram’s new poll feature

It’s almost impossible to ignore the rise in popularity of ‘Story’ features across various social media channels. Instagram is one of the only social media networks that has managed to successfully adopt the feature. This week, Instagram rolled out a new update to their Story feature allowing followers to interact with other users’ Stories.

An interactive poll sticker can now be added to Stories allowing users to ask their followers a custom question and discover their preference. From a marketing perspective, this new feature could be extremely useful for quickly and easily gaining the opinions of your customers.

Instagram polls marketing blog

4. The British Dream

Earlier this week, Theresa May gave her speech during the Conservative Party Conference, where she continually mentioned “The British Dream”.

As expected the British public took to Twitter to display their idea of the real British Dream – I’m not 100% sure this is what Theresa May had in mind…

5. A surprise appearance from Rich Uncle Pennybags

Equifax’s CEO probably wasn’t expecting to be upstaged by the Monopoly Man during their Senate hearing on Wednesday. Amanda Werner from the campaign group Public Citizen and Americans for Financial Reform, attended the hearing dressed as the popular board game mascot to protest against Equifax.

Throughout the hearing, “Rich Uncle Pennybags” was spotted pausing to dab imaginary sweat from her brow with a bundle of oversized bank notes. However, the joke didn’t stop after the hearing as Amanda Werner attempted to hand Equifax’s CEO a bag of money while he got into the lift and her colleagues from Public Citizen handed out ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards to all 100 Senate offices.

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