My Five #243

A rocky week for US politics, a terrifying look into the secret things people Google, and a meaty delicacy all feature in this week’s #MyFive.

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Five things worth sharing from the last week or so, brought to you by a different member of the Browser Media team every Friday.

This week’s My Five is by Vic.

1. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?

Not one, but two famous Rocks have thrown their hat in the ring to get involved with US politics, which, let’s be honest, could not be much crazier anyway.

First up is Dwayne Johnson (AKA The Rock), who has reportedly had the necessary paperwork required for a 2020 presidential bid filed by a writer called Kenton Tilford.

Sources are not yet 100% sure how connected the two chaps are, but Johnson has previously entertained the idea of running for president in 2020 on a number of occasions.

Could The Rock be gearing up to drop The People’s Elbow on the chaotic Republican Party? Imagine him turning up to Congress in full wrestling get up. It would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

Next up is trailer trash rap div and ex-Pamela Anderson bonker, Kid Rock, who has kicked off his campaign to enter the US Senate in 2018.

Kid Rock has already visited his chum Donnie in the White House along with fellow hillbilly and part time racist, Ted Nugent. Yes really.

Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy

2. What could be more British than mince on toast?

The internet was both confused and horrified this week after foodie site claimed that mince on toast was a classic British dish.

As nobody in the UK appears to have ever voluntarily eaten mince on toast, people took to social media to show their disgust.

However, in an exciting plot twist, New Zealand has stepped up to claim mince on toast as a Kiwi delicacy.

Here’s the recipe, if ground up dry meat on dry hot bread floats your boat.

3. Trust nobody

A lot of people are pretty vocal online when it comes to voicing their opinion, which makes me wonder what these lunatics Google in private that they don’t want anyone to know about?

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a US data scientist, analysed anonymous Google search results and has recently published ‘Everybody Lies: What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are’ – a fascinating (but terrifying) book on his findings, which lifts the lid on disturbing truths about our desires, beliefs, and prejudices.

There is an amazing article over on The Guardian that is well worth a read about the project. Prepare to be horrified!

4. Southern Rail use their Ed to combat abusive Tweets

Earlier this week, Southern Rail let loose a 15 year old work experience kid called Eddie on its Twitter feed.

In a welcome break from the usual stream of abuse Tweeted at them, people were very sweet to Eddie, asking his important questions such as:



The week didn’t end well for them though, with a whopping £13m fine for poor performance announced on Thursday. Ouch.

5. It’s the end of the world (wide web) as we know it

Well, not quite, but all that could change if those evil ISPs get their way and net neutrality goes out of the window.

What is net neutrality and why does it matter, I hear you ask?

Here’s a great explanation from Imgur user CloakerJosh:

new neutrality clean version

Loads of companies got on board to provide support on Wednesday, deemed the Day of Action for Net Neutrality, but all we can do now is pray that the FCC’s Open Internet Rules don’t get scrapped because of corporate greed.

And as that wasn’t the cheeriest way to sign off a #MyFive, here’s a photo of the world’s guiltiest pug. Bye bye.

guilty pug

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